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Inspire Audacity TM


This energetic and encouraging presentation shows that the term audacity - "The willingness to take bold risk" can be beneficial to all of us. This presentation guides the audience to look at actions in our lives with a positive perspective. We discuss:

  • The value of Releasing the past - allowing focus on future opportunities.
  • The value of Taking Action - to achieve our desired goals.
  • The value of Accountability- showing our personal/professional value.
  • Releasing F.E.A.R. - to overcome limiting false expectations.

This presentation brings tremendous energy and insight for attendees. The audience will be engaged, refreshed and encouraged to be audacious in our society. To take bold risks toward achievements that will make a difference in their personal and professional lives making our world a better place.


Persevere to your Potential TM


The definition of perseverance is - "The steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." Sound like college? Sound like life? This is a fact in our life and we must persevere to achieve our greatest potential. In this session we discuss:

  • Personal experiences 
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Our choice
  • Our Input
  • Our Attitude

Bob brings a personal insight to the topic of perseverance that allows the audience to experience overcoming situations, gaining knowledge and building a positive attitude to persevere to their goals.


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