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Pains and Problems Bob Resolves:

  As a speaker, author and Encouragement Engineer Bob helps your organization find a path to greater cohesiveness between IT and the internal clients in your organization.

Have you ever asked:

  • What does IT do?
  • Why is IT so hard to deal with?
  • Why doesn't IT understand our business?

 Bob Brumm solves the confusion and disconnect between your IT and other departments in you organization.

  With a diverse background in accounting, business and over 22 years in the IT/Telecommunications industry Bob will:

  • Break down your complexities to help departments and functions come together with great ease to enable corporate objectives.
  • Encourage communication and understanding for all groups involved so that projects are completed on time and on budget, fulfilling their customers objectives.
  • Guide IT leaders and enable them with the necessary skills to present a strong business case to upper management so that key projects are approved and funded faster.
  • Offer enthusiastic encouragement for Positive Action to your group, department or team so the audience can adopt a positive perspective in current situations that will foster cohesive, productivity and teamwork.


Inspire Audacity TM
This energetic and encouraging presentation shows that the term audacity - "The willingness to take bold risk" can be beneficial to all of us. This presentation guides the audience to look at actions in our lives with a positive perspective. We discuss:
  • The value of Releasing the past - allowing focus on future opportunities.
  • The value of Taking Action - to achieve our desired goals.
  • The value of Accountability- to show our personal/professional value.
  • Releasing F.E.A.R. - to overcome limiting false expectations.
This presentation offers tremendous energy and insight for audience members. The audience will be engaged, refreshed and encouraged to be audacious toward their goals. To take bold risks toward achievemetns in their personal and professional lives making our world a better place.

Bridging the Gap TM

Bob Brumm specializes in encouraging organizations with 100 or more people to help bring about cohesiveness within the organization between IT and other departments. Bob reinforces four keys to success:

1.  IT is a critical factor in any business and creating understanding of value IT provides to other parts of the organization is essential.

2.  IT not only needs to understand the needs of their customers & business partners and the specific business outcomes they seek to impact, but they also need to understand the business implications of the solutions they offer.

3.  IT needs to address how technology can meet corporate needs such as Return On Investments (ROI), Long-term strategic investments/growth and/or corporate strategy.

4.  Encouraging a positive viewpoint with team members to build a productive team that achieves corporate objectives.

Blending theses four concepts is critical for a cohesive, achievement oriented organization.


Customer Value TM

In many industries the customer seems to be a forgotten value. Corporate focus becomes:

  • The product
  • The function of the product
  • The convenience of a product
  • The profit

However, without the customer, there would be no business. This enthusiastic presentation illuminates:

  • The value of the customer
  • How to treat the customer
  • Incorporating your value into the customers business
  • The Value the customer receives that keeps them coming back.

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