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Bob's Services include the following:

Keynotes - If you're looking to liven up your group with energy and enthusiasm, Bob offers customized encouraging presentations to colleges, universities, civic organizations and corporations. Bob's corporate presentations bridge the gap between IT and other departments by building improved cross-department communication; building cohesive/productive teams with Positive Action to achieve desired objectives. Audience members will experience an energetic, enthusiastic message that can be applied into their personal and professional lives immediately.

Team/Management Training - 2 - 4 hour group encouragement sessions that will:

  • Illuminate team members value
  • Breaking down complexities
  • Cross-department communication
  • Encourage positive communication into current work environments so corporate objectives are met.

Coaching - A personal, one on one time that will guide clients to improve presentation skills allowing you to connect with customers, increase sales and increase project approvals. Skills learned in our personal sessions are:

  • The value of your message
  • The value of your knowledge
  • The value of connecting with your customer
  • The value of your appearance

 A Coaching Reference - Video

Consulting - Ongoing support for your organization to continue an encouraging work environment where teams thrive and business connects with the customer.

To contact Bob Brumm about presenting to your organization, please call 813-309-1460 or email