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The 17 Biblical Principles of Success offers Inspirational Interviews on how to put the Power of the Bible to work in your life. You can get your copy HERE.







   Values From The Man Who Gave Me My Name is a personal compilation of the values my father instilled into me.  Being raised by a person from "The Greatest Generation That Ever Lived" was a great asset in my life. People of this generation showed values of: Respect, Hard Work, Give before you Get, Thanks and appreciation, Sacrifice, Faith in a higher power and Courage. These are values we can re-incorporate into our current society. These values allow you to: step out of the norm and be a leader, be a person of character and be an inspiration to others. These values show people of our society that we care about more than just ourselves. We care about doing what is right, for the right reasons and for the greater good. Making a difference in our world.


  The Author Show interview with Don McCauley. Scroll to Bob Brumm




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  Our daily lives bring us many adventures. Some positive, some negative. No matter what the adventure, we have to proceed through our daily life events the best we know how with our limited time on earth.

The Positive Perspective offers an encouraging alternative look into many of our daily trials and tribulations to enhance our life and the lives of others. Making a positive impact on our society is a great responsibility we can all share and benefit from.

For anyone looking for encouraging, uplifting, positive perspectives to challenge the daily negativity in the world, The Positive Perspective offers encouraging insight into a Positive alternative for you and/or your organization. 




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MoneyTBCVRa.JPGOur society is so fast paced with instant messaging, fast food, and instant potatoes that people spend their money as fast as they make it and then wonder where the money went? This insightful book will escalate your knowledge, enlighten you to opportunities and encourage you to take control of your life and your money.

- Stop Throwing Your Money Away!

- Save over $500 a month!

- Get a Handle on Your Finances!

- Keep More of What You Earn!

- Invest in Your Future!

- Change Your Life!

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 Words of Wisdom offers quotes for your daily encouragement. These quotes are from great historical figures to current people in our society. This book offers Inspirational Positive Perspective to life's events through these great quotes.





"The Power of Knowledge" will guide future leaders to achieve their goals by TAKING ACTION. Even if society is negative, confusing and overwhelming at times. Bob Brumm shows the skills necessary for a leader's journey, which include:

§ Realizing the Power of your knowledge
§ How to Take Action towards your goal
§ How to be a catalyst for achievement & overcome obstacles
§ Realizing F.E.A.R. can be "un-learned"
§ Having a Positive Perspective in life



17Principles.jpgFollow the single most predictable, reliable, and decades-proven path to prosperity and achievement - Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success!


How did Dr. Ken Blanchard, Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey Mackay, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy, and Dr. Nido Quebein become prosperous and successful while influencing millions of people?

They are about to tell you themselves.

That's right. Each of these six outstanding achievers - along with 45 additional influencers, authors, and millionaires - will tell you they rose to prominence because they built their lives upon a simple, yet powerful set of principles. Not just any principles... the most read, most  studied, and most dependable principles in modern history: Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success.

In this millionaire roundtable of success secrets, inspiring advice, and unforgettable stories, you'll discover from these 51 luminaries what it takes to apply Hill's Success Principles to your own life. As a result, you'll gain the skills and traits you need to take your career, income, relationships, health, and future outlook to dramatic new heights.

Phil Taylor knows firsthand how these principles can help deliver everything you want. Because he lived by these principles, he is now an acclaimed speaker, successful radio-show host, and bestselling author. He recently went on a mission to find personal development champions who credit Hill's principles for their achievements.

After personally interviewing all 51 of these incredible men and women, Phil brings you what just might be considered the most comprehensive instruction for achievement ever assembled:

Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success: Inspirational Interviews on How to Put the Napoleon Hill Philosophy to Work in Your Life.

In each CD, Phil Taylor interviews three extraordinary people whose lives have been enhanced most by one of Napoleon Hill's principles. Simply by listening, you'll gain the insights and secrets you need to realize your own breakthrough success.

You'll learn how to:

  • Accomplish anything you want - with or WITHOUT the necessary skills
  • Develop an instinctive self-discipline that DELIVERS what you want most
  • Turn adversity and defeat into powerful ADVANTAGES for growth
  • AUTOMATICALLY achieve spectacular results with this powerful habit tool
  • Translate mental power into real-world RESULTS
  • Benefit from the expertise of others by forming valuable PARTNERSHIPS
  • And much, much more!

70 million+ people have discovered Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success. Most of them failed to become rich and prosperous. Why? Because they didn't put these powerful principles to use.

You WILL! Because you will learn directly from today's top leaders in wealth, business, and personal development. Simply listen, learn, and apply the instruction to every facet of your life you wish to improve.


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