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Bob Brumm is a Professional Speaker, Author & Encouragement Engineer serving corporate, collegiate, and sales organizations.

With a diverse background in accounting, business and 25 years in the IT/Telecommunications industry Bob brings understanding, encouragement and effectiveness to organizations through personal experience and background so teams work enthusiastically together as a cohesive team to achieve objectives. Bob also provides personal professional coaching to improve personal growth and presentation skills improvements that build better connections with customers, increasing sales, project approvals and funding.

Bob is a top selling author of six books and has been a guest on nationally recognized radio and television shows such as,, The Empowered Speaker show, Mornings with Lorri & Larry on Family Net radio, Not Just Talk radio, WILX News in Lansing Michigan, Success Made Simple in Tampa Florida,, The Real Estate Quarterback Show, and published in nationally recognized publications such as USA Today, ComputerWorld, TechMediaReports and regarding his encouraging messages for many groups.

Bob has had the opportunity to share his skill, knowledge and energetic perspective to many international organizations such as Hillsborough Community College, INFOCOMM, INTEROP, Pinellas County Schools, Tandberg, University of North Florida, University of Tampa just to name a few.

For more information on Bob's books, newsletters or to schedule Bob for your next event, contact Bob at (813) 309-1460 to see how he can help you or your organization.  Bob is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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 "Belief is the catalyst that sets action in motion"

                                                                                                 Bob Brumm

To contact Bob Brumm about presenting to your organization, please call 813-309-1460 or email