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Professional Speaker, Author, Encouragement Engineer

Offering Enthusiastic Encouragement for Positive Action through:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Team/Management training
  • Professional Coaching
  • Consulting

Encouragement Engineer = Someone who Skillfully Manages & Inspires others with courage, confidence, help and support to Take Action.


To combat the negative views and beliefs that inundate our lives with Positive Encouragement for individuals and groups so that the Positive Value of personal growth and Positive actions change our world. 

We use Positive Encouragement to guide individuals and groups toward reaching their personal and professional potential.


"Bob TOOK ACTION on what he learned. This is a habit of successful people - TAKING ACTION."

James Malinchak - America's Achievement Coach

"You are a Positive force of energy that this world needs. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be one of the Greatest Speakers of our time. Keep up the great work."  TBBO.jpg

Chris Krimitsos - Guardian of TBBO  

"Thank you for your informative and encouraging "Wake Up Call!" presentation. Your enthusiastic talk confirmed the real world relevancy of good public speaking skills and the importance of learning how to control internal fears and self doubt."


Professor Ann Marie F. Coats - University of Tampa 
"Bob has a unique ability to grasp and sustain the attention of a large audience without the use of grand theatrics or over-the-top showmanship. He uses a delicate personal approach that is very direct as if he is speaking only to you, despite being in a room filled with people. He is capable of inspiring passion and commitment through sincerity that is not arrogant or over-confident. It is a straight-forward honest approach that is very much refreshing.

I firmly recommend Bob for any potential speaking opportunities that might exist at your company, church or other organization." Jesuit.jpg

Nick Suszynski Director of Alumni/Development - Tampa Jesuit

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